Radek – almost 25 aged economist with a perfect sense of humour
and undoubted dancing skills.
An enthusiast about rock music and analog photography. Meet a pilot-to-be!

What was your dream job when you were a child?Obraz1

When I was young, as a majority of younglings, I wanted to be fireman 🙂 But when I turned 6, me and my cousin started to build plastic and cardboard plane models. As I started to discover technical details of an airplane construction, I got more and more excited about how people are able to use those machines to conquer the sky. It totally amused me, and
I wanted nothing but to be able to do this in my future life. But later,
as I grown up, I had no idea on how to become a pilot. Because I was never good on maths and physics, I had no chances to successfully apply to national airforce academy, so as almost all of my friends did, I went to college. After graduating from International Economic Relations and spending more than three years in office job, I still had this dream of flying inside me. In that point, I realised, that no one is going to live my life for me, and it’s high time to start living my way, instead of making everyone around me happy. I decided to start flying, no matter what. To sum up, I’m closer to my dreams, as ever, or at least for the first time,
I am really doing the right thing to make it come true.

What are your current plans?

I have my close future planned quite precisely. Making such a schedule was crucial for me, to see why and how am I able to reach my dreams. But, back on topic – currently I’m working abroad, saving money for flying lessons. On the beginning of the next year or in the middle of it, I intend to do standard flying licence – PPL (Personal Pilot Licence). After that, I want do do more courses, which will allow me to fly in the night, during poor weather conditions or even just using avionic instruments. It is all necessary for the next steps:  CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence, which allows to fly medium, but multi-engine airplanes as a professional), and ATPL (Air Traffic Pilot Licence, which allows you to fly jets, such as most commonly used in the majority of airlines) licences, which I am really looking forward for ; )

Where you see yourself in upcoming 1 or 2 years?

I hope, than in a year time I will be able to return home, and start my training. In two years I would really love to have basic licences, start making money on flying and do it as much as possible. Speaking of other things, I think that the universe has a plan, and it’s continuously in motion…

 Are you happy? What makes you happy?

Currently I am very happy, that I am doing something what I really wanted for the whole life. I am happy that I pointed a direction and I am moving towards it. It makes me happy in my rational part of life, but speaking about emotional part, I really enjoy meeting my friends, hanging out… Being with someone in love also would make me happy, but currently I’m workin’ on it ; )

What is your plan to escape your comfort zone?

Well, I think that the question should sradekound: what was your plan to escape your comfort zone, because that is what I just did two weeks ago! And I can’t be more happy because of my decision. Comfort zone is cozy, warm and very sweet to live in, but one day you’re looking on all that you’ve managed to do, and you think: “Is this really what I’m meant for?” This thought can really become obsessive, and so was in my case. I was strong enough to face it, and make a change. But some may think, that they don’t know how to start, or they have some obstacles. They might even think that their dreams, are not possible to bring to life. Well, once I heard this amazing quote:
You should reforge your dreams into plans, and then you should realise your plans“.
If you think you cannot get off your comfort zone, just wonder if you want to live this way for the rest of your life, like every remaining day.
The answer should hit you immediately.

ps Radek, remember: if it’s red or dusty don’t touch it!
ps2 Take a look why Radek is so crazy about flying!


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