Agu – a young photographer and a real bookworm at the same time. A fan of sensual and erotic pictures, maybe because she was born on Valentine’s day? ; ) Meet Agu!

What have you been doing for the last two years?

Over the past 2 years I’ve changed my job several times. One was more satisfying, the other one more stressful. Also, I was moving to different cities, different countries. I’ve bought a bald cat and from 4 years I have been deeply in love with Amadeusz.


When I finished my high school with an art specialization I was sick and tired of history, art and all this boho world. That is why I took my old analog camera and start taking pictures.

What do you do now?

Currently, I am developing my photographic skills. I’ve realised that I cannot live without making pictures.  I am still trying to get to know myself, trying to shape my thoughts into specific forms and photography allows me to do that. It helps me to express my deepest fears and hopes. Photography is my second fiance I think.


Are you happy? What makes you happy?

It’s so much easier to talk about sadness than happiness. Sadness is more deep and many-sided, when happiness seems to be more evident, but harder to define at the same time. I think that happiness is made of these little tiny moments, like the feeling of the wet grass when I run barefoot through my garden or the proud of my little brother when he doesn’t make any grammar mistakes in his homework. I do enjoy the moment when I cover with a fresh bedding or when mom calls me. I am even happy when I sing English songs out loudly using my polish version of their lyrics.

You know, I used to be a very shy person. I couldn’t even look at people’s eyes. At the same time, I had dreads, many tattoos and dozen of colorful clothes on me. People kept laughing at me and thinking that I am a weirdo. Well, apparently I’ve grown up, cause I am not scared of people anymore and my clothes are more neutral – I stick to black and white. Therefore, I guess I am more happy. Anyway, I hope that one day there will be no guessing, cause I will be more than sure that I am happy with my life.


What is your way to escape the comfort zone?

Taking the risk of becoming the photographer instead of choosing some office job. Being an artist and a freelancer is not helping when planning a budget or a holiday.
At the same time, I know that I am chasing my dreams with my beloved by my side,
so I don’t have any doubts.

ps follow Agu for more pictures of her art!


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