Piotr – a young kitesurfer who traveled all around the world to find amazing spots.     At the same time a skateboarder and a motocross rider. Meet Piotr! : )

What was your dream job when you were a child?

Its hard to remember actually. When I was a kid I was very afraid of water and many other things. I was a dork. So I try to not remember this time maybe. My dad kind of push me to swim. Later I was learning to windsurf just to get his applause. Was really shit on the beginning. But at some point I started to feel really good doing this. Quickly I forgot about anything else and just wanted to ride. And I think I wanted to be windsurfer. I think that the child me would be ok with how it ended up so far.

What have you been doing for the last couple of years?

I was chasing my self kind of. I manage to travel almost all over the world for kitesurfing. Working as instructor in many awesome spots in Caribe Island,  Africa, Europe and Asia. Work as a welder quite a lot in Poland and even had small episode in the university. I learn one thing that is super important for me now. That sometimes you can run like stupid and chase your dream, but what you really need is closer than you think. Just look around you.

What do you do now?

I run a kitesurfing school in Phuket, in Thailand. I play in cable park or waves. Phuket is pretty good for that we have everything here: cable parks, few spots for kitesurfing and some grate waves every now and then. Plus the weather is awesome here.

Any plans?

Lately I got an idea of buying a sail boat stuck in my head. I have few friends who really inspire me. For example one of them lived on the boat for the last 20 years. He works a bit every now and than but most of the time he is anchored in Sumatra (island in Indonesia) next to some really sick waves.

Are you happy? What makes you happy?

I think, that like everyone, sometimes I feel happy and sometimes I feel sad. But it becomes quite nice balance without big ups or downs. I feel that riding gives me peace in life. But also l feel  like I went a bit long way around to find this. Sometimes you just need to wide open your eyes and really see what is around you.



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