Ola – a traveler, tour leader and blogger (Curly Travellin). Always smiling and always thirsty for new experiences. Meet Ola! : )

Where are you now and how did you get here?

I am not gonna give you the whole story of how I started to live me dreams. I’m just gonna say that one day I just stopped caring about what others may think, I gave up on people who called themselves my friends but constantly doubted in my dreams and brought me down, I chose to choose people I want to hang on with and I decided not to waste time on meaningless acquaintances. Just like that.

I am still at the point of my life, even more than ever before, when I don’t know how it’s gonna be. Currently I work as a tour leader, want to use this job as an opportunity to travel the world – both for work and meanwhile.

What are your current plans?

Well… I want to go on a trip without any particular plan. And I want to fall in love. Is this a plan?


Do you identify with being a day dreamer? What does it mean to you to be a day dreamer?

Of course I do. Moreover, I strongly believe that everyone is a day dreamer deep in their heart, not everyone just has already had a chance to discover that. People tend to think: “wooow she’s got such an interesting life, wooow, he travels so much living his dream, they do such crazy things, they live their dreams, but I can’t”. But the truth is – we all dream and we may all live our dreams – it’s not about how the dream looks like, it’s about our attitude towards it. Traveling the world may be as exciting as having happy, steady life with the family you love – as long as you appreciate every single day and every single minute. There’s an advertisement I love saying “luck is an attitude” and I strongly agree. I used to think that the courage is the only thing that limits you from doing the things that you desire. Now I see it’s not only about the courage, it’s also about the aspects that you focus your attention on. So what does it mean to be a day dreamer to me? First of all it means to be honest with ourselves, what we like doing, who we like spending time with, what makes us happy. Then, not to be afraid to create a vision in your head, to have courage and try to make it real and most of all to learn how to enjoy it, even if it’s not perfectly as it was imagined.

Are you happy? What makes you happy?

Do you know that this question is one of the hardest you can ask?  We live in the world in which we are not only ourselves, but also our public images, world of social networks, facebooks and others, where we post pictures, sentences that are supposed to show to our ‘friends’ how happy we are. But what does it really mean? We don’t know what we really enjoy.

For the last year my life has completely changed – not only my lifestyle which resulted from quitting job and finishing studies – but my life. And the decision of quitting the serious job I had was made when I also made an effort to answer this question: what makes me happy? How does my life should look like to make me happy? And the answer was: I want to travel. Easy, isn’t it? No. Cause it’s just the beginning of the story, the first, superficial layer. I can travel, I can manage to work as freelancer and spend this money on travels (I also got a job that enables me to travel). But then I realized I also need people who I love nearby. And when I was with them home, I missed being on the road and when I was traveling, I missed them. Happiness is the ability that you have to learn. To be able to enjoy the moment that you’ve got now, to get pleasure from simple things.

What is your way to escape the comfort zone?

I believe that life starts after you cross the line of your comfort zone so I try to do things that scare me. And I give chances to things (and people) that may seem not to be ‘my cup of tea’. When I make decisions I choose the options that are gonna sound good in my biography  ; ) and I smile a lot.



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