Natalia – a tattoo artist, dog lover and traveler. Always with a smile and a huge portion of a full English breakfast. Meet Natalia! : )

What do you do now and how did you get here?

Well, I am a tattoo artist and I run my own tattoo studio. But it wasn’t an easy way for me… A few years back I went to UK to work as an au-pair and save some money, but I ended working as a waitress, cashier assistant and a house cleaner at the same time! After a couple of months, when I got back home I decided to reward myself for all these struggles and I got myself a tattoo. And at this point my love for tattoos has just begun ; ) I bought a tattoo machine and started to train, but I didn’t succeed at the beginning (mostly because of the smell of pigskin), so I quit. One year later, I met a wonderful guy who motivated me to start practising one more time. After a while, I did myself a first tattoo and than another one him (brave guy, haha!) and that’s it. That’s how I became a tattoo artist.

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What was your dream job when you were a child?

Since the early years of my childhood like many other girls I dreamt of being a famous singer or actress. Unfortunately I was never gifted with an angel’s voice and whenever I’ve tried to sing everyone in a radius of 100km started to run as fast as they can. On the other hand, drawing was something that always felt easy for me, it was so natural. I used to spend a lot of time scribbling all kinds of things, every day in elementary school after my classes I went to a tiny store to buy a notebook, so I could sit down and spend the rest of the day just drawing. My mother used to say that I will be a painter when I grow up, but I was a stubborn little girl who kept saying that it will never happen, because I am going to be an actress. Now I know that you should always listen to your mother, nowadays I am sort of a painter, just a little different ; ).


What have you been doing for the last two years?

For the last 2 years I’ve been travelling around Europe, tattooing and looking for my place on Earth. It turned out that after all this searching and changing places I came back to my hometown where now I feel completely wonderful.

Are you happy now?

Yes, I am happy, I always try to stay positive. I fulfill myself both professionally and private, I have my own company, I do what I truly love and I have a little family that is always with me. The only thing I am lacking lately is the time for distant travels.


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