Daniel – spontaneous, friendly and more positive than half of world population. Currently traveling on his bike through all of Latin America. Meet Daniel : )

Where does the idea of LiberBike come from?

The idea for the project LiberBike came through the conquest of freedom. In an unconventional way to travel, sustainable where I could find a lot of new people and at the same time surprise them, inspires them to conquest their freedom somehow. For me there is also the question of personal development because I had cancer 18 years ago and came close to death. And these days I realize that the world and people need examples and ways to more unconventional life. Because freedom is earned and not purchased. And to go so far I’ll would love write some book and make some documentary after finishing this bike trip of 1 year following the freedom.


Are you happy? What makes you happy?

I am happy, I think I was born with this karma. But what makes me happy even more, is when I can make other people happy too. No matter how, but somehow through a conversation, a joke or some challenge where I can interfere in any way for someone to be happy too. This makes me happy more.

What is your way to escape the comfort zone?

To get out of your comfort zone is one of the most difficult things ie world for a human being. As there are always created in different situations even away from home. So get out of your comfort zone is to face new challenges away from everything and everyone that make us generate this evil zone which prevents us from evolving. I particularly look for new environments, new people totally outside of what I know. I try to live the new, the unknown, a new habitate. Cuz get out of comfort zone is evolution.


Photo by Alan Zart


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