Kaja – a pole dancer, a business woman and a participant at Pole Art Shows. Only gets sad when is hungry, so better keep some healthy food for her. Meet Kaja! : )

Do you identify with being a day dreamer?

I am a day dreamer and I am always trying to challenge my imagination. I make a choreography, plan the whole design at my pole dance school or create the costume from the scratch. It makes me more creative everyday. I always try to speak out about my dreams, so they will become more realistic and I will have only one choice – make them come true.

kaja kolazAuthor: Katarzyna Milewska

What was your dream job when you were a child?

When I was a kid, I used to change my mind about my dream job almost everyday. I was thinking about becoming an actress and playing roles in Hollywood or being a plant biologist in the Amazon River area. Am I closed? Well, I am a pole instructor and dancing is based on acting, so it’s not too far from my child dreams: )

What have you being doing for the last 3 years?

More than 3 years ago I got a crazy plan – I packed my stuff and went to Andalusia to open my own restaurant. I left everything behind me, just took good thoughts and a hope for a success. Well, I am back in Poland now : ) Recently, I’ve opened another pole dance school and took a part in Polish and Spanish Pole Art Competitions. But now together with my boyfriend have another crazy idea – to go traveling on a boat, so we’ve been renovating it since the last summer, hopefully it will be ready by this summer! Well, time in Andalusia was very meaningful to me. I’ve realized that courage, enthusiasm and the skill for seeing chances where everyone sees obstacles are the key to success in every field.

What are your current plans?

To be able to pack everything in 24 hours, take beloved dogs and change the whole life within 24 hours : )

Are you happy? What makes you happy?

My amazing partner, the nature, good food, lazy day, long walks with my dogs, planning new trips. And these moments at the dance hall, when I am dancing just by myself. Absolutely beaded with sweat. I am a very happy person.

Follow Kaja on her instagram kajawese to get more inspiration!



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