My name is Dominika and I am halfway
between being crazy 20 and responsible 30.

I’ve just finished my studies. During last 5 years in Poznan I have worked a lot. I was assisting in coordination of the nationwide social campaigns and
I spent one year working an office job in a pharmaceutical company. Then finally I realized that I want something more real, something more exciting.
So I took part in a hitchhiking race (Poland – Croatia) and spent more than
2 weeks on a motorbike when travelling across France.
So far, my best experiences ever.

Now I am planning and collecting money for my big dream –
one year backpacking trip in Asia.
At the same time, I am not sure about my future life yet, whether I am going to stay in Asia or come back to Europe. Not really sure if I want to be a serious white-collar worker or stay a freelancer forever
(I love calling myself a freelancer, it sounds so much better than unemployed).

But I am sure about one thing.
I am a day dreamer.
And, no matter what,
my dreams will come true!


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